Frequently Asked Questions

Covered parts as well as exclusions are listed on your contract. If you have questions about specific parts, please call 800-572-9171.
Any ASE certified repair facility, nationwide. Remember, Pre-Authorization is required before repairs are made.
To start a VSC Claim:

* If your policy Contract Number starts with ASG50XXXX, please have the repair facility call 844-307-1001 , and press option 2 to start a claim.
* If your policy Contract Number starts with ASG00XXXXXX, please have the repair facility call 866-782-0239 , and press option 1 to start a claim.

*Note: All claims require Pre-Authorization.
The only information you need to file a claim is your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you do not have your contract number readily available, we can locate your contract with your VIN and name.
First, your credit union will always have a copy of your purchased contract. However, you can also access contracts by clicking on Member in the top right corner of www.asgresults.com. In addition, you can contact us at support@asgresults.com or 800-572-9171 to request a copy.
If you purchased a VSC policy, you have Roadside Assistance included with your coverage.

* If your policy Contract Number starts with ASG50XXXX, please call 844-307-1001, and press option 3 for Roadside Assistance.
* If your policy Contract Number starts with ASG00XXXXXX, please call 866-218-4522.

If you purchased a Multishield or Tire & Wheel policy and need Roadside Assistance, please call 800-221-8062 for 24 hour Emergency Roadside Assistance.
Yes. The ability to transfer a VSC may increase the value of the vehicle you are selling. VSC transfers must be completed within fifteen (15) days of the sale of the vehicle. There is a $50 transfer fee and the coverage will continue without any gaps in coverage. To complete the VSC transfer, contact your Credit Union.
Please contact your Credit Union to start the GAP claim process.
Please call 800-346-6469 to start a claim on all repairs.
*You must receive prior authorization from the claims center before any repairs or replacement have begun.
Coverage is unlimited. Coverage is unlimited.
Please call 800-711-4280 or email claims@cynosurefinancial.com to request a claim form. Once you have completed the claim form, you will be required to provide Proof of Loss.

This will include:
1. The fully completed claim form.
2. A copy of the Auto Policy, showing Your Covered Vehicle is insured.
3. A copy of the Auto Policy claim from the auto insurance company showing payment for the Loss, with the amount paid and the Deductible of the Auto Policy.
Please contact your Credit Union to start the Disability claim process.
Please contact your Credit Union to start the Life claim process.
Yes. If you cancel your VSC within 60 days, you will be issued a full refund through your Credit Union, provided that no claim has been made during that period. If a claim has been made or if this Plan has been in your possession for more than sixty (60) days, you will receive a pro rata refund less a $50 cancellation fee, less any claims paid.
Typically, cancellations are processed within fourteen days of receipt from your Credit Union. Your Credit Union will apply the refund to your outstanding loan balance or send the refund directly to you.